From Your Chiropractor: How to Ease Back Into Springtime Sports Without Injuring Yourself

May 6, 2019

Springtime marks the beginning of the sports and activities season. If you participate in spring and summer sports while taking a break during the colder months, there is certainly a proper and improper way to get back in the groove.

If you do not prepare properly, you could end up injuring yourself. To keep yourself healthy, follow these tips from your chiropractor:


Get an Adjustment


Getting an adjustment from your chiropractor should hopefully be a part of your routine, but especially if you have not visited your chiropractor in a few weeks or months,  you need to schedule an appointment. Chiropractic adjustments restores range of motion, increases flexibility, and improves nervous system function, all of which make it less likely that you will injure yourself while you are running down the soccer field or swimming laps in the pool.


Have a Prep Period


You do not want to immediately jump back into your strenuous exercise routine you had last summer, or you will risk injuring yourself. Before you know you have to start practicing your sport, take some time out of your day to get moving. You can start small, like taking a walk around the block, but over the course of about a month, you should try to increase your stamina. You can determine the amount of stamina you will need based on how many practices and games you have coming up. If it’s only one practice plus one game, you likely do not need to prep as much. Yet, if you anticipate three practices plus two or three games, you should increase your prep time and difficulty level.


Warm Up


When you are excited to get back into a sport or activity, it can be difficult to make yourself warm up beforehand. Your chiropractor will tell you, though, that if you take 15-20 minutes before each practice and game to warm up your body, you will feel more ready for the game and you will be less likely to injure yourself while playing. You can tailor your warm-up to your sport. For example, if your sport is soccer, it would make sense to primarily focus on lower body warm-up activities, but still do not forget to spend a few minutes warming up your upper body as well!


Cool Down


Once practice or the game is over, you are probably ready to chill on the sofa for a while to rest. Yet, your body needs some cool down time to transition from a high energy state to a low energy state. To properly cool down, your chiropractor would tell you to simply repeat your warm-up exercises or focus on stretching every muscle group for about ten minutes. Even if you are exhausted or do not have the time to cool down right after practice/the game, work it into your evening to still reap some of the benefits.