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Dr. Douglas Ferguson

Dr. Douglas Ferguson has served the Elk Grove area since 1998. He grew up in Elk Grove. He attended high school here, swam at the Elk Grove park pool and learned what it’s like to grow up in a small town where everyone knew each other. One thing he sharply remembers is the large air-raid siren and the blasts from a huge ship’s horn that would signal the Elk Grove Volunteer Fire Department that there was a fire or other emergency to respond to. He grew up hearing that sound even late at night for structure fires. When in high school a friend mentioned the Elk Grove Fire Department was starting an explorer program for high school students to be Volunteers. Needless to say, Dr. Ferguson jumped at the chance to serve!


Fast forward decades, Dr. Ferguson serve the Elk Grove Fire Department as a Fire Captain, Paramedic, and was a founding member for the D.A.R.T team in Sacramento (Diving Accident Rescue Team). One night, while carrying an injured patient out of a crashed bus on its side, Dr. Ferguson suffered a horrific lower back injury that took him off duty. He was recommended injections and surgery, otherwise he may never be able to work again. Skeptical of his seemingly limited options, he visited a chiropractor. The first thing he told the chiropractor was that if he was going to take him off work, he’d walk out. Well, he didn’t! In fact, Dr. Ferguson never missed a shift despite his injury. As his back back slowly stabilized for about a year while continuing chiropractic care, Dr. Ferguson continued to also reject the offered drugs and surgery. Amazingly while his back was healing, he noticed other nagging health issues of his were resolving! His frequent migraines went away and even his allergic asthma treated by an inhaler just went away. Neither have returned. That’s when he realized there was a lot more to chiropractic care than just resolving neck or back pain.

I’ve been drug-free and surgery-free since. Haven’t even taken a Tylenol. – Dr. Douglas Ferguson

Dr. Ferguson switched directions and started to work on his Chiropractic Education. He graduated from Life Chiropractic College West Magna Cum Laude at in 1998 and retuned to his beloved town of Elk Grove as a now retired Fire Captain, but a busy and popular Chiropractor. 

Dr. Ferguson currently sees patients at Rhino Chiropractic offering the latest and greatest chiropractic treatment techniques and services such as activator care, Erchonia laser treatment, spinal decompression, and Bio-Cranial treatment. Dr. Ferguson is certified in Chiropractic Cervical Spinal Trauma as a specialty to help patients injuries from car accidents. He particularly enjoys helping people with serious spinal disc issues at his spinal decompression practice, Elk Grove Spinal Decompression. 

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