6 Exercises to Ease Scoliosis Pain

August 15, 2018

Scoliosis is most commonly diagnosed in children, but it can also occur in adults due to genetics or injury.

Scoliosis is most commonly diagnosed in children, but it can also occur in adults due to genetics or injury. If you suspect you or a loved one has scoliosis, you should consult a chiropractic doctor as soon as possible to determine the best treatment options. In the meantime, you can perform these exercises to relieve some of the pain that is associated with scoliosis.


Pelvic Tilts

To perform this exercise, lie with your back flat on the floor with your knees bent. Your back will be slightly arched in this position, so you will want to tighten your abs and your glutes to press your back as far into the floor as possible. Hold this position for five seconds while breathing normally, and perform two sets of ten reps each day.



Get into position by placing your hands and knees on the floor, while keeping your head straight out in front of you. Take a deep breath while lifting your rib cage, rounding your back, and letting your neck relax. As you breathe out, lower your chest towards the floor and look slightly upward. Then, return to the original position and do two sets of ten reps each day.


Single-Leg Balance

It is ideal to perform this exercise in front of a mirror because it will help you visually keep your back as straight as possible. Start by standing up straight and lifting one of your knees in front of you. If you have trouble balancing, you can use a wall or a chair to help stabilize yourself. After some practice, bring your arms out to your sides, then try doing it with your eyes closed. Repeat five times per set and do one set per day for scoliosis pain relief.


Side Shift

For almost immediate alleviation from scoliosis pain and stiffness, perform the side shift. Start by standing next to a wall and placing your (bent) arm against the wall. Rest your other arm against your side and lean towards the wall using your hips. Do ten reps per set, and two sets per day for each side of your body.


Plank for Scoliosis

Assume a modified push-up position with your elbows bent at a ninety-degree angle and your forearms against the ground. Make sure your elbows are placed directly underneath your shoulders and look straight ahead. This position not only helps with back pain, but it is also a great workout for your abdominal muscles! Hold this position for thirty seconds and perform it twice a day.


Upward and Downward Dog

Yoga enthusiasts should be familiar with this one! Place your hands and feet on the floor and raise your hips into the air as high as you can. Hold this pose for five seconds, then lower your hips back towards the ground. Perform 10 reps per set, and do two sets per day.