5 Signs That Your Chiropractor Is Not Looking Out For Your Best Interest

September 11, 2018

The vast majority of chiropractors take great pride in giving their patients the best possible care, but as with any profession, there are bound to be some out there who are more interested in making money than improving your quality of life.

Here are five signs that you should probably start looking for a new chiropractor:


They Do Not Give a Clear Diagnosis

A good chiropractor always wants to make sure that their patient is aware of what is going on with their own body. If your chiropractor takes some x-rays or performs a physical exam and does not share those results with you before moving on to treatment, it could be a sign that they are not a good communicator. If they do not tell you your diagnosis on their own, ask them for it, and if they still do not give you a straight answer, it’s time to show yourself to the door because you should not be left in the dark about your own health.


Your Chiropractor Promotes “Maintenance Adjustments”

Most chiropractors act on the principle of not putting patients through unnecessary, long-term treatment plans or maintenance adjustments. Chiropractic care should be performed on an as-needed basis, so if your chiropractor wants you to come in once a week for the foreseeable future–even though you feel fine–be wary. Scheduling unnecessary appointments with you is an indicator that your chiropractor is more interested in your money than your health.


You Always Feel Like You Are Being Rushed

Your appointment at your chiropractor’s office should be relaxing, and you should leave the office feeling as though the doctor and staff were invested in making your experience great. If you always feel as though your doctor never has enough time for you and cannot get you in and out quick enough, you might want to rethink being a patient there. Rushing through appointments can lead to mistakes, which is the last thing you want when it comes to your health.


Your Chiropractor Does Not Listen to You

You know your own body and symptoms better than anyone, so your chiropractor should take what you say into account when making decisions about your health. Particularly if you are experiencing some pain and nothing shows up on the x-ray, it is important that your chiropractor takes what you say seriously. The x-ray could have missed something, so if your chiropractor acts as though you know nothing about your own health, it is time to move on to someone who treats you with respect.


You Do Not Start Feeling Better After a Few Adjustments

Most people report feeling significantly better after a couple of appointments, and some say they can feel a difference after just one appointment! If you do not feel better after your first appointment, give it a little time to see if another one or two appointments improve your pain levels. Yet, if you continue to not see any improvement after two to three sessions, you probably do not want to continue seeing that chiropractor. They may not have made an accurate diagnosis of your health problem, and as such, are not giving you the appropriate treatment.