5 Recovery Tips For After You’ve Been in an Auto Crash

May 6, 2019

If you have been in an auto crash, you know how disorienting and painful the next few days, weeks, or months are.

Immediately following the crash, it is imperative that you take care of yourself properly, otherwise you could end up prolonging the recovery period and costing yourself a lot more money in doctor’s visits. Here are five tips to follow immediately after an auto crash:


Go Home


Even if you do not think your auto crash was that major, you still need to go home and rest afterwards. Resist the urge to go back to work or finish running those errands that day. All of that can wait because your health comes first. You may feel perfectly fine after a crash because of all the adrenaline coursing through your system, but there are several injuries that can show up hours or days after the auto crash.


Heat/Ice Therapy


If there is any part of your body that is aching following an auto crash, you need to be sure to reduce inflammation as much as possible. One of the oldest tricks in the book that is still valid today is to use heat and ice therapy to reduce swelling. During the first 72 hours after an auto crash, you should ice to reduce the inflammation and numb the pain. Wrap an ice pack in a towel and place it on any sore or painful areas. After 72 hours, you can start working in some heat therapy with a boiled washcloth or an icy hot patch.


Visit Your Chiropractor


Your chiropractor is significantly more skilled at detecting minor injuries, so make an appointment with your chiropractor as soon as possible after the auto crash. They can perform a physical exam and take x-rays to make sure you are healthy, and if they do happen to find any underlying injuries, they can start treating those immediately.


Limit Exercise


For the first couple weeks after an auto crash, you should not jump right back into your normal exercise routine. That is not to say you should not exercise at all, but you should restrict it at first and gradually work your way back up to a normal routine. You should never attempt to lift weights until you are completely pain-free, and you should listen to your body to determine when you are ready to take it up a notch. In the meantime, do some gentle stretching, wade in a swimming pool, or take your dog on a walk to keep the blood flowing to those muscles.


Wear Sensible Shoes


It should go without saying that you ought to wear comfortable shoes following an auto crash, but we are going to say it anyways. You should avoid high heels, platform shoes, and cowboy boots at all costs because each of these can aggravate any injuries involving your neck and back. Instead, wear a pair of comfortable tennis shoes with good arch support for at least the first week after your accident.

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