Rhino Chiropractic helps Elk Grove families feel healthy so they can enjoy life.

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Rhino Chiropractic helps Elk Grove families feel healthy so they can enjoy life.


Auto Accidents (Crashes)

If your current health situation is the result of a recent automobile accident, your car insurance will likely pay for your care in our office. Part of our first visit procedure will be to find out the specifics of our policy. When you have a car accident a chiropractor who can erase your pain may be the missing key to getting back pain-free living. Seeing a gentle, experienced chiropractor immediately after an accident, even if you don’t feel any injury, may be the best thing you can do for your health. 


Spinal Decompression

(DRX 9000)

One of the most effective forms of chiropractic treatment is spinal decompression. Spinal decompression aims to stretch the spine to create more space for the vertebrae and remove the pressure on the discs and joints. For mild cases of bulging discs and similar spine conditions, stretching the spine may help to move the disc back into place, thus relieving the nerve root that is causing you chronic pain. Before or after a spinal decompression therapy, the chiropractor will treat you with hot/cold compresses or electrical stimulation on your back to loosen the muscles and help improve the results of the spinal decompression.


Nasal Specific Treatment

Accidents and injuries or even just daily stress can cause the bones of the skull to shift slightly out of place over time, increasing the pressure in our skull and affecting the way our brain and nervous system function. Nasal Specific is a technique designed to balance and adjust the bones of the skull – specifically the Sphenoid bone. The Sphenoid is often called the keystone of the skull because it touches every other bone in the skull. When it is out of balance even slightly, it can affect every bone in your skull and lead to a long list of symptoms.

Adjust to a pain free and healthy lifestyle

Discover how Rhino Chiropractic can help you with spinal pain, DOT Physicals, and other health concerns today. Whether you just got into an accident, you suffer from chronic low back pain, or something else in between, we’re happy to help.

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